Thursday, September 10, 2009

Box Arena Please Stand Up


Monday, August 24, 2009

Where's My Fight Money

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Fight To The Finish - Street Fighter 4 Tournament

Monday, June 29, 2009

Groove Theory 1st Saturday's @ Bondi Bar


Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Chula Vista Casuals - 6/22/09

Did pretty well on Monday. Still need to figure out how to play against AlexMan's C.Viper.
1 AlexMan
3 djfrankfresh
4 Laceysan
5 oceansideDOODS
5 unprotectedSEX
7 pimpbot9000
7 Randy
9 Killabyte
9 gcsupra
9 makku
9 fernandos nuts
13 Chuck
13 Dios X
13 Sam V
17 Marco_M
17 Marcos Munoz
17 KSexy
17 leitechs_man
17 FPS Chun Li
17 Jay
17 Chong Wang
17 Natmecha

Result: 3rd

Box Arena Sessions 6/17/09

This was the first 2v2 teams battle we had. Me and Kuizzy were The Regulators. In the end we lost to Nemo and Yeb (Team Yebmonic).

1st YebMonic $67.20
2nd The Regulators $19.20
3rd Team E. Viper $9.60
4th Hella Dark Stalkers
5th Team Whatever
5th Tokyo Massacre
7th Beautiful People
7th The Cartel
9th Team E Levin
9th Team Chun Li
9th Swisha House
9th Team Nickel
13th Team Mojo
13th Team JewJitsu
13th HotShit Waterslide

Result: 2nd

Chula Vista Casuals - 6/15/09

First time being at Killabytes Dojo. It was chill and had a great time. Working my way up in the standings.

1 oceansideDOODS
2 Sallabout08
4 AlexMan
5 fernandos nuts
5 Laceysan
7 DJfrankfresh
7 Sam V
9 Marco_M
9 Killabyte
9 Chuck
9 pimpbot9000
13 Mikey Mike
13 unprotectedSEX
13 Marcos Munoz
13 KSexy
17 eternal blue
17 filthy X
17 imac
17 Natmecha
17 Cdefg
17 gcsupra
17 mudkip
17 latexman

Result: 7th

Monday, June 22, 2009

Rumble In The Park - Revenge

Monday, June 15, 2009

Chilling at Chula Vista Casuals. Bout to battle in tonights SF4 battle.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Casuals @ The Box Arena

So it was another night @ the Box Arena. As you can see below in the standings, I really didn't care about playing. From transfering SF4 gameplay HD matches, setting up A PS3 station, making guacamole, and to cooking carne and pollo asada. The Box Arena had its largest gathering. Here some pics how it all went down.

1st neRemiX
2nd AlexMan
3rd Jeremy Chance
4th Sallabout08
5th Marcos Munoz
5th OceansideDoods
7th skratchiechan
7th Fernando
9th KSexy
9th Samuel Vivek
9th Mr. Certified
9th unprotectedSEX
13th Kuizzy Ef Baby
13th CalmWarrior
13th dios x
13th Chuck Gonzalez
17th ChongWong
17th PhenomenHong
17th LCAST
17th KillaByte
17th InternalBlu
17th Wolf
17th gcsupra
17th SteinMania
25th PimpBot9000
25th Andrew Martin
25th IheartChunLi
25th Marco Polo
25th HolyMaestro
25th Paolo
25th Mikey Mike
25th Rodchan
33rd yendorZ
33rd DJ Frank Fresh
33rd NatMecha
33rd FPS Chun Li
33rd Jozu
33rd PoeticFlow

Result: 33rd

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Rumble In The Park: Recap

So today was the day for RITP. After a month of planning it was time for SD's players to battle it out.This event indeed stirred some noise. I’m so happy to see the entire community support a fresh Street Fighter scene. From hip-hop, to fashion and of course to hardcore gamers, we managed to chill under one roof and have a great time. There are so many people I would like to thank. Without them this event wouldn’t be possible. First and foremost much thanks to Conrad (Fizix) for letting the SF community battle in his establishment. Supplying everyone with AMP energy drinks, honest tea, and cooking up the burgers and hot dogs. If I’m not mistaken all the drinks were tapped out by the end of the day. Huge Kudos to the Crew of Forcite Magazine. Thank you for donating the monitors, this allowed all the players to battle in 720P ☺ also capturing on the spot interviews and match play. I’m sure the documentary will come out fresh. But do it quick, SD likes things done quick around here. The banner they designed and created was indeed a sweet backdrop. Last but not least my Box Arena family. Without you guys this event wouldn’t be possible. To the individuals that donated there PS3 console, thank you so much. Making sure each station was properly setup to meet all the players needs. Thank you to Lacey/Calm Warrior/GC Supra for ensuring the matches went smooth as possible. We can’t forget about Alissa and Christina for taking care of sign ups and raffle tickets, Thank you so much ladies. And I almost forgot the most important factor, the actually tournament. Mucho Thanks to Christine and Kuizzy for running the entire bracket. Trying to call 44 players for 5 hours must have been challenging. I apologize for not getting the mic earlier. But the homemade sprite cone worked for a while ☺ you guys did an excellent job, congratulations. JB I apologize for DQ’n you. I called your name numerous times and even pushed your match back as far as I could. Next time we can both go to the liquor store. I think we needed some mayonnaise ☺ Thanks to the DJ’s in making sure we had proper sound and music. Always bring you your own SSL box ;) Now to my SD players for coming out to our event. Without you guys we wouldn’t have such a great turnout. To the TTF Dojo, Cody, Ksexy, and NeRemixed for showing the continued support. To the Casual Cartel, Fernando, Marcos, and Chuck. Bringing that aggressive rush down s***. To Wolfmode, Chong Wong, FPS Chun Li, Blue Hat, Pimpbot, Gerald, Deci, Mizuno Haduken, LCAST and Marco Polo. To Dios X and their entourage. With enough practice she will be a force to be reckon with. To Rodchan, unfortunately I saw that random ultra. It’s all good big homie. You being there was more important. To Sallbout08, sooner or later you’re going to break Sagats leg off. To Skratchiechan and Doods. Sorry I didn’t get chance to watch your matches. But a Sagat mirror match is indeed boring. To Circ, SD’s sleeper. People need to watch out for this guy. To Alexman your C. Viper is so dangerous. It was honor to fight you in the end. And to Viscant, what can I say? You and Alexman put on a great finals match. Congratulations in taking first. And to everyone I forgot to mention thank you for coming and making Rumble In The Park a success. As part of Box Arena’s goal, we strive in providing the best possible experience for each player. I understand we all take pride in what we do and do what’s best for the community. I take full responsibility for not stating the win earnings and player entry in detail on the flier. I do apologize for not specifying this important information at signup as well. But please understand in order to organize such events, there are operating costs and most of us donate our own time and money in making the event a reality. I do this for the love of the community and not for financial gain.



More Rumble In The Park Pics

1st Viscant - $150.00
2nd AlexMan - $40.00
3rd DJ Frank Fresh - $20.00

4th Circ
5th Sallabout08
5th Mizuno Haduken
7th dios x
7th unprotectedSEX
9th Fernando
9th Deci
9th G3rald
9th OceansideDoods
13th Samuel Vivek
13th King
13th Marcos Munoz
13th gcsupra
17th LaceySan
17th DBostic
17th KSexy
17th Cheng Ling
17th PimpBot9000
17th Oopsy
17th LCAST
17th Rodchan
25th skratchiechan
25th Mr. Padre
25th Eric Lopez
25th CalmWarrior
25th Kuizzy Ef Baby
25th Marco Polo
25th YoYoMan
25th bluHat
33rd ChongWong
33rd JB
33rd FPS Chun Li
33rd yendorZ
33rd Wolf
33rd Geovski
33rd Mr. Certified
33rd Kaneka
33rd Will B
33rd Vanrushal
33rd Arthur Nguyen
33rd Chuck Gonzalez

Result: 3rd

Next up was Bondi Bar. Joemama was on vacation so it was me and Average Joe for the night. He was throwing down some party and the Box Arena came through for Doods birthday. It was fun and thanks guys for hanging out.



Street Fighter Themed Birthday Party

Went to the homie Bowlz for his daughter 1st birthday party. And yes it was a Street Fighter theme.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Casuals @ The Box Arena

So another session at the box arena. Experimented with some new HD capturing hardware and it worked really well. Still waiting on the videos to be chopped up. Not sure why, but it seems I've been playing a little better these past weeks.

1st DJ Frank Fresh
2nd NeMo
3rd Sallabout08
4th PimpBot9000
5th Kuizzy Ef Baby
5th Jeremy C.
7th oceansideDOODS
9th KSexy
9th Ray F.
9th CalmWarrior
9th Will Cap
12th MudKip
12th ChongWang
12th gcsupra
16th Andrew M.
16th unprotectedSEX
16th WolfMode
16th Marco Polo

Result: 1st

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Rumble In The Park - SF4 Tournament - Trailer